Secur Sun 25 W

Secur Sun 25 W

  • High power, long fences and difficult animals
  • I-PULSE: Impulsion delivered only when animal touches the conductor
  • LED Vegetation test on facade
  • Electronic variator with mode selection (I-Pulse mode, Standard mode, isolation / vegetation test)
  • 3 color battery level indicator
  • Battery protection system
  • Mains power option with adapter
  • ECO 1/3 & ECO 1/5 mode
  • Solar connections
  • Electrifies 15 sheep nets

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The PREMIUM range of energizers has such a high level of power and battery life that you could forget they operate with a 12V battery.

They are perfect for creating large fences where the mains power supply is not available. With high voltage, long enclosures affected by vegetation are no longer a problem.

  • Battery protection prevents total discharge and battery damage
  • 12V battery housing
  • Combine power with efficiency
12 VDC
Solar Panel
Maximum Output Voltage
15 kV
Output Voltage @ 500 Ohm
4.6 kV
Max Output Energy
5 J
Low Output Energy
0.5 J
Maximum Current Consumption
33 - 310 mA (standard)
Max Disatance (Weak Vegetation)
50 km
Max Distance (Normal Vegetation)
30 km
Max Distance (Strong Vegetation)
12 km
Minimum Earth Stakes
ACCU Protect
Battery Test
Dual Powered
ECO 1/5 Mode
Energy Recuperator
Vegetation Test
3 Years

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