• Copper-plated wire with double insulated covering.
  • Adapted to all wire types.
  • Allows lossless electrical connection of two distant points of an electric fence over long distances.
  • Reinforced insulation layer (test voltage at 20,000 V).
  • Suitable for high voltage electrical fences.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Fisol can be buried and/or submerged.
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FISALU is a lead-out cable insulated against high voltage. It permits a connection at a distance between 2 points of an electric fencing system without losing energy or voltage, even over long distances. It has a reinforced insulated covering (voltage tested to 20.000 V), is studied for high voltage electric fencing systems, and can be buried or immersed. Adapt your lead-out cable to the system to avoid oxidization at the connection points. FISALU is suitable for aluminum wire systems, FISOL GALVA for galvanized steel wire systems, and FISOL for poly wire/rope/tape systems.

Use to avoid voltage losses to all the connections from the energizer to the fence wires and the earth stake.

Use aerial, underground passages, or fences at a distance from the mains-powered energizer.

When a gateway is open, it ensures the continuity of the electricity to the rest of the fence.


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