If your project is a long fence that is susceptible to strong vegetation, a very powerful energizer will be required as large amounts of power and energy are lost to the ground leaving your fence at risk of not having enough power to safely guard your animals. With our mains powered energizers, there are 2 different technologies.

The classic and premium range CLOS / SECUR are LOW IMPEDANCE technology that has a larger tolerance, which permits them to keep maximum energy levels over a larger range with fewer constraints such as earthing quality, connections, long or short fences, vegetation, etc.

As opposed to the smart range UBISON which has ULTRA LOW IMPEDANCE technology. These devices are specifically designed to combat vegetation and overgrown grass conditions and demand very good earthing levels and highly conductive wires to operate correctly.

How does UBIson work?

Indication lights

Installation check

Lights up when efficiency is decreasing too much (vegetation or dysfunction).

Operation check

Lights up with each pulse. Indicating correct operation.

Grounding check

Indicates a problem with the earth system.

Digital display (UBIson 15000)

Dynamic indication of vegetation level

Digital indication of output voltage

Impact protection above 5 joules.

Importance of grounding quality

For the installation to be effective, the UBIson energizer requires an excellent grounding installation. 5 earth stakes of 1 meter should be installed, 2 to 3 meters apart. The voltage level measured directly at the final earthing stake must not be higher than 300V. If the reading is higher, then the installation of additional earthing stakes is required until this number is reached.

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